Finally. An activity scheduler THAT’S DESIGNED FOR CAMP.

As a Program Director, CAMPTIVITIES made my life so much easier! Having a program that took care of the details for me meant fewer mistakes - and I got to spend more time away from my desk! The system is user-friendly and intuitive. And the CAMPTIVITIES staff are great - they got me up and running quickly and were very responsive to my questions throughout the whole summer!


There are few things that a Camp Director can do to save time. CAMPTIVITIES is one of them. With a deep level of detail, camps can schedule the way they want to. And the best part is, it doesn't have to be the Camp's Director doing the scheduling. CAMPTIVITIES was designed so anyone in your organization can do the scheduling for your program. Developed with the input from many camp directors across the United States, CAMPTIVITIES is designed to save time when everyone could use a few extra minutes in their day. It simply requires for you to input your camp’s information like timing, activities, groups, staff and from there it schedules your camp for you! Check out some of its features:

activity detail image


Does your activity exist everyday? Can every group attend that activity? Do you need a staff person to operate the activity? There are so many details available when creating each activity, you can even use CAMPTIVITIES if that activity takes a lot of prep time!

Batch scheduling

While most things can be schedule using the auto-scheduler, sometimes you just need a way to manually schedule something unique for a few or all of your groups. That's why we added batch scheduling. It's a great way to add details to a few groups at once!

Screenshot 2017-01-23 22.41.00.png


One of the biggest challenges facing a camp when it comes to autoscheduling is the sheer size of the property. Little feet can't walk far to get from one activity to the next, so we created zones to keep campers doing the activities rather than walking to them!

Activity reporting

Creating schedules for groups, leaders, or staff is great, but if you can't get the information out in a way that works, the system is worthless. That's why we have several different pre-set reports or choose to download the data into excel to make the data work for your camp!


Every camp has a different structure to their day. are they all the same? Are they all different? Whatever your structure, you are able to customize what periods activities are scheduled, what they are called, and what time each period begins each day! 

Staffing module

Does your camp hire staff to hold multiple positions during the summer? Here is the answer you've been looking for! Tell Camptivities what areas the staff person can lead, what times they are eligible to lead them, and the system will only schedule groups when they are available!

The platform is AWESOME. I love how intuitive and easy everything is, and I think you guys have thought of so many things in creating the software. I’m definitely having fun with it!


We know that every camp comes in different shapes and sizes.

So we set out to create a pricing model that would work for everyone, large, small, or in-between. Our pricing is based on the number of activities and groups you have at your program! Give us a call to discuss how CAMPTIVITIES can save you time and money!



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It all started when...

Back in 2011, there was a simple problem with no good solution. The person who had been doing the scheduling for the past ten years wasn't going to be able to do it this year. What do we do?


Friends Ryan Rosen and Cameron Jones decided now was the time to make the leap to create a software program that could solve the various scheduling problems. With Ryan's camp background of 15 years and Cameron's advanced software development experience, it was a perfect match to solve a very intricate set of problems. While this seemed much simpler back in 2011, it became clear to Ryan and Cam that this was very complicated. With the input of camp owners and directors from across the country, steady and consistent improvements over the past five years have led to a full fledged scheduling application that will work with a diverse set of camp setups.

We hope you will find that CAMPTIVITIES will work for you and your camp. But if not, please let us know. We have lots of ideas for things to add in the future, but we are always looking for input from our customers! 



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